10 clues to know whether to embark on a coaching journey

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10 clues to know whether to embark on a coaching journey

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Personal growth and coaching, as well as other forms of work on oneself, are increasingly gaining ground in our daily lives. They are no longer just a fad followed by a few.

However, there is still a lot of confusion about when it is appropriate to contact a coach. And as a result, many people who could benefit so much from a journey with the coach simply don’t know they can do it and don’t turn to this figure, missing out on a great opportunity.

First, there are various types of coachingwhich in themselves indicate the areas in which to contact a coach: life coaching, business coaching, mental coaching, sport coaching, team coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching, and various detailed nuances, depending on the area we need Of:

– get rid of a certain problem,

-improve or

-boost up.

Some coaches specialize in multiple areas, others only in one area. So it can happen that I turn to a business coach to accompany me on my career path, but I discover that he also deals with life coaching and I decide to take a path of improvement in some area of ​​my private life.

Or I turn to a mental coach to identify negative and demotivating thoughts that prevent me from realizing my personal potential and replace them with positive and constructive thoughts, I discover that he also deals with team coaching and I also get accompanied in managing my work team.

Let’s see what they are some clues to turn to a coaching path:

1. Have specific goals to achieve and have so far failed to do so;

2. Be curious to explore the possibilities for change in one’s life and in oneself;

3. Feeling that you have untapped potential;

4. Have a problem to solve that we have not been able to solve with our usual methods;

5. Recognizing that you have some area of ​​your life out of balance and wanting to bring it into greater balance to feel more accomplished;

6. Self-improvement and personal growth is valued as an important value, empowerment is a popular word;

7. Desire to increase proactivity and focus;

8. Desire to make changes in one’s life, but not having clear ideas;

9. Have a goal to stop being oriented towards the past and acquire the ability to be fully in the present with constructive orientation towards the future;

10. Be willing to invest your resources and time for coaching sessions and “homework” to do between sessions despite other commitments. Usually the tasks do not require much time, but the constancy of devoting oneself to one’s own improvement, of working for oneself.

Now that you’ve read this list of clues, do you have a clearer idea of ​​whether and when to contact a coach? Do you recognize yourself in one or more points? Tell me in the comments!

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