5 Practical Benefits of Positive Thinking

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5 Practical Benefits of Positive Thinking

The term positive thinking refers to a school of thought that supports the advantage of aligning the mind to a state of positivity, overcoming existing negative thought patterns and creating new, more optimistic and healthy ones, in order to confidently face one’s own. life experience and achieve psychophysical well-being. (Source: Wikipedia )

A pessimist sees insurmountable difficulties in every opportunity that lies ahead, while an optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.”

Winston Churchill


Positive thinking has now become a real lifestyle (as well as a very widespread practice), but will it be something that actually works? What does it mean to think positive? Let’s find out together!


Who are the people who think positive?

First, let’s see some characteristics common to people who embrace the concept of “positive thinking”:

  1. They feel positive emotions: people who think positively recall only positive experiences, while they file negative ones as simple life experiences.
  2. Savor the sensations: positive people are able to savor the good sensations deriving from the many pleasures of existence (they know how to enjoy what they have, rather than regret what they don’t have)
  3. They are confident about the future: positive thinking implies looking to the future with optimism, convinced that things will turn out for the best.
  4. They derive gratification from their potential: positive people try to make the best use of their resources and relate to those who appreciate their skills.
  5. They work for others: the positive thinker uses their possibilities in the service of something greater and is dedicated to the betterment of the world.

But are there really any real benefits to doing all of this? Well yes: in support of positive thinking, there are both empirical realities (things that are evident and for all to see) and scientific truths (scientifically proven facts).

These are the practical benefits of positive thinking:

  • Live longer

Optimism is related to longevity. So says a research from the Division of Psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester (Minnesota). This study lasted 40 years and involved more than 800 people. These people were divided into categories (pessimistic, optimistic and normal). At the end of the study period, those who thought positive were had a 19% lower death rate than pessimists.

This rumor is similar to “living longer,” but there is a little difference between living long and living healthily.
Why should you be healthier if you think positive? Studies have shown that short-term stress can increase productivity, but that chronic stress has a significant effect on the immune system and therefore makes it more vulnerable to disease. Thinking positive helps you reduce this type of harmful stress.

  • You have better relationships with other people

Positive thinking also affects the relationships you have with other people. Second of studies  Both generic relationships with other people and love relationships benefit from the positive mindset of at least one of the two partners. This benefit can be seen both in terms of longevity of the relationship and in terms of quality / satisfaction of the relationship .

  • Reach professional and work goals more easily

Positive thinkers are usually proactive . Proactivity is a condition that logically leads to having greater influence on the environment around us and therefore a greater probability of success. (Being proactive means actively intervening on one’s existence, rather than reacting – and that’s it – to external stimuli).

  • You are happier (trivial but true)

Thinking and behavior influence emotions. If you think negative you will be sad, while if you think positive you will not necessarily be happy, but at least you will be less sad and you can save yourself a series of personality disorders. This is said by a study, performed on a sample of Lancaster University students


I have given you a number of good reasons to commit yourself to positive thinking, it is up to you to choose whether or not to adopt the practice of positive thinking.

Before saying goodbye, I invite you to leave your opinion in the comments below, for us it is important!

Now go and think positive!

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