Bilateral Music For Focus . EMDR Music Bilateral Stimulation

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Listen to EMDR Music Therapy Bilateral Stimulation . EMDR Music For Anxiety . Bilateral stimulation is stimuli (visual, auditory or tactile) which occur in a rhythmic left-right pattern.

EMDR is the acronym for “Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing” and is a method of psychotherapy used only by trained professionals.

Music outside of a therapy session is considered to be “EMDR-inspired” so the individual can experience “processing” or “reprocessing.” Because there is little music out there for this purpose, I have taken my music and made it workable for both therapists and clients to use at home and/or during sessions.

Examples may include natural disasters, war, assault, abuse, divorce, or other traumatic events that are often difficult to heal from. During a therapy session, the client is asked to focus on a disturbing feeling or memory while doing something that is meant to activate both sides of the brain. This is done via several methods, including music or a tone that “pans” from ear to ear.

For example, visual bilateral stimulation could involve watching a hand or moving light alternating from left to right and back again. Bilateral music is music with a beat that pans between the left and right ears. It has successfully been used to relieve those suffering from anxiety, stress .

Bilateral Music For Focus . Auditory bilateral stimulation could involve listening to tones that alternate between the left and right sides of the head. Bilateral stimulation is a treatment element of EMDR