Can your voice help you improve?

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Can your voice help you improve?

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When we think about the importance of the voice, we usually only think of those who work as a singer or in the acting field.

But there are many other professions that include the use of the voice, such as: trainers, helping professions (coach, counselor, psychologist, psychotherapist, but also doctors, nurses and the like in holistic sectors), lawyers, speakers, presenters, speakers, voice actors, telephone operators and so on.

In addition to this, if we reflect on it, we can easily realize that in reality the use of the voice is fundamental in all trades in which human beings are involved.

Voice is a powerful tool. Few are aware of it. As with all powerful tools, one must learn to use them correctly to reap the maximum benefit, both for others and for ourselves.

And so far it is clear there‘importance of working on the voice for a utilitarian purpose: I improve my voice because I want to be efficient in my work.

But even if our work has nothing to do with the use of the voice, we are the social beings who, like-you won’t, communicate all the time. So, it’s also important as we talk to everyone from close people to those we occasionally meet.

AND working on improving our voice can also help improve us in the path of personal growth.

Here you are some benefits of working on your voice:

1. The voice is fundamental in the paraverbal component of communication – The paraverbal includes volume, tone, pauses, rhythm, timbre of the voice, height (acute or serious) and according to some communication scholars it affects 38% of the effectiveness of the message transmission (formula by Albert Mehrabian, a psychologist who studies communication ). Much more than the content of the message in words. Considering that we communicate in all areas of life, one has to start wondering how we are doing it;

2. The voice is a real “business card” – Let’s think about the importance of the first impression when we meet a new person: the voice plays a very important role in this, which becomes even more marked when the first meeting takes place by telephone. Let’s think, for example, of the importance of a few minutes in a job interview, where the outcome is decided also on the basis of the first impression. Or on the occasion of a gallant appointment;

3. The quality of the voice is crucial in making/receiving requests and in managing conflicts – This is where the difference often lies between those who get everything they ask for (or almost) and those who don’t, and between those who know how to dampen conflicts and those who instead throw fuel on the fire;

4. Working on one’s voice also improves our interiority as it produces changes within us as we work on the external characteristics of the voice – Body and mind are closely connected and one always produces changes in the other, both for the better and for the worse. For this, when we work to improve our voice we will have improvements in the perception of ourselves, in the response of people to our presence, in our beliefs and mental patterns and so on. Our outer voice and inner voice mirror each other;

5. Working on the voice improves the fluidity of our energy – Our body is actually a large “sounding board” and a conductor of vital energy that circulates freely or is blocked, and often the quality of the voice indicates a blocked body at some level. By unblocking ourselves to improve the voice we also improve the flow of energy throughout the body and with free expression we restore free movement.

And you, how do you perceive your voice? Have you ever wondered how others perceive your voice? Have you ever thought that it could be improved? Tell me in the comments!

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