How to Breath Properly – Simple and Effective Easy Breathing Exercises for quick stress relief

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  • Make sure your spine is straight and your chest open so you can breathe freely. Place your palms on your thighs.
  • Feel whatever energy or tension is flowing through your body.
  • Effortlessly exhale counting to 6 focusing on the airflow leaving your chest.
  • Effortlessly inhale counting to 4.
  • Gently activate your breath extending the exhalation (without forcing the breath) counting to 6. This time your inhalation will go a bit deeper and faster, and that’s fine.
  • Inhale effortlessly counting to 4 (doesn’t matter if the airflow is a bit faster)
  • Exhale effortlessly counting to 6 and feel all tension leaving your body. While exhaling effortlessly, feel the relaxation flowing out of your chest through your hands spreading through your whole body.
  • Inhale effortlessly counting to 4.
  • Exhale and feel the relaxation spreading throughout your head and to your whole body.

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