How to get rid of blemishes on facial skin

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How to get rid of blemishes on facial skin

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The face is one of the most exposed parts of the body and, for this reason, the appearance of blemishes can cause a problem not only of an aesthetic nature, but also a psychological one. Acne, marked wrinkles, dark spots and other signs can make you insecure about your appearance and this negatively affects your self-esteem and also in the way we relate to others.

Sometimes, the presence of pimples, redness and dark spots can also be a sign of a health problem. That’s why it’s important identify the cause of the imperfectionsbut also find effective solutions and remedies to have a radiant, uniform and healthy face skin.

Spots on the face: what are the causes

Very often it happens to see some dark spots on the face. This issue, call melasmaarises from various causes and involves the appearance of spots with an irregular shape and a dark shade. Dark spots on the face tend to appear more in certain areas, i.e. on forehead, cheekbones and around the lipsbut in some cases they can extend to the neck and chest.

Although they are present in both men and women, it is the female sex that experiences the appearance of these unsightly spots more often. The reason, in fact, is related to the change in hormone levels that occurs during pregnancy, breastfeeding or in the presence of certain pathologies.

Hyperpigmentation is nothing more than the accumulation of melanin which is produced in excess: this condition is also favored byexposure to UV rays, especially if for prolonged periods and without adequate protection or if you have sensitive skin, or fromskin aging.

Home remedies to get rid of dark spots on face

In case you notice the presence of dark spots on your face, it is advisable to contact a specialist who will be able to identify the cause and recommend the best solution. To eliminate stains, for example, you can undergo a cosmetic peeling based on alpha hydroxy acids:, a treatment recommended for home use and for less severe cases. On you can find useful information and learn about the other types of peeling.

Peeling is effective in promoting skin cell renewal and eliminating dead cells. The result is uniform, clean and exfoliated skin, which is also more receptive to subsequent treatments.

However, when there is excessively sensitive skin or skin with extensive dark spots that do not tend to lighten, it may be necessary to undergo laser therapy. Unlike cosmetic peels that can be done at home as part of your usual beauty routine, the laser is a tool that can only be used by a specialist.

While looking for a solution to eliminate dark spots, it is still possible to camouflage this blemish and make the skin uniform using an opaque foundation and a suitable concealer. In addition, there are also creams, serums and gels that must be applied after cleansing and which help to gradually lighten dark spots.

“These texts are not intended as indications for the diagnosis and treatment of pathological states, therefore it is always advisable to consult your doctor”.

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