Medically assisted procreation: what it is and who it is for

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Medically assisted procreation: what it is and who it is for

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The word medically assisted procreation (abbreviated in medical jargon in PMA) means a specific area of ​​medicine that deals with helping couples who are unable to have children in fulfilling their desire to become parents.

In the following lines of this article we will try to provide you with some detailed information on this practice, analyzing how it works and which people it is aimed at.

What is PMA?

As anticipated, the term PMA indicates all the techniques that can be used in the gynecological field to support a couple in conceiving a child (1).

It is usually advisable to contact a PMA center when after about 12 months of trying to conceive a woman is unable to get pregnant.

In such a delicate phase, couples come to the rescue PMA centers and specialists, who carry out in-depth analyzes to specifically understand what are the causes why conception does not occurin order to implement the different strategies and techniques available to solve the problem.

If you are looking for more information on what specifically a PMA specialist can do for your situation, we would suggest that you visit the website Through the indicated page you can access Dr. Colicchia’s website, where you will find many insights on the subject to address such a delicate issue and possibly request an appointment.

What are the most used medically assisted procreation techniques?

After the visits that lead to the diagnosis of the complications that make conception impossible, the most appropriate technique to be used is decided so that the couple can be able to conceive the much desired baby.

The most common technique is the Fivet/ICSI technique, which consists of in vitro fertilization and the consequent transfer of the conceived embryo into the uterus. In some cases it is completed by injecting a sperm inside the oocyte (2).

The technique just mentioned is normally used to compensate for various pathologies, but you should also know that it exists uterine inseminationmuch simpler and often used as an initial attempt.

In this case, ovulation is induced using special drugs and, monitoring the evolution using an ultrasound, the previously collected and treated spermatozoa are inserted into the uterus using a catheter (3).

Is it possible to conceive a child in an alternative way?

In the event that the couple’s gametes cannot be used, due to much more complex pathologies that could affect men, women or both, it has been possible since 2014 in Italy to exploit heterologous ART.

In this case the gametes of a voluntary and anonymous donor are exploited and one of the two techniques mentioned above is implemented.

Conclusions on PMA

We must consider that the technique used is always prescribed by the gynecological specialist and the choice is subject to the pathology present in the man or woman which makes conception impossible.

Before requesting MAP treatment you should always know that this practice could have a strong impact on the life of the couple, both emotionally and economically (4). For this reason, the specialists in the field and the various centers are organized with teams of special doctors who are able to deal with any aspect of the procedure, so that the couple is guided along the path that will lead them to the realization of their dream of becoming parents.

Disclaimer: “These texts are not intended as indications for the diagnosis and treatment of pathological states, therefore it is always advisable to consult your doctor”





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