Oranges and well-being: a perfect combination

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Oranges and well-being: a perfect combination

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We have always heard that oranges are rich in vitamin C and are essential for the care and well-being of our body.

In view of these elements we have decided to write this article, where you will find some indications and advice to take advantage of oranges in the best way for body care, trying to analyze the benefits they have on our diet and on our skin.

Vitamin C and more: what are the benefits of oranges

As we well know, oranges are rich in vitamin Ca fundamental element that performs an antioxidant function on the cells of our body, helping our body to raise the level of the immune system and contributing to the prevention of the formation of cancer cellsas also described in this very in-depth article on the subject.

They also manage to aid digestion and they help our stomach work better. For this reason they are often exploited as one of the main elements of phytotherapeutic treatments for the stomach (1).

Finally we find a discrete nervous benefit: oranges also have a relaxing and calming effect on our body, thus relieving tension and stress levels when eaten fairly frequently.

How to store and consume oranges

To consume oranges in the best way and enjoy all the benefits just mentioned, it is recommended not to let too much time pass from their purchase to when they are eaten, as they could lose part of their nutritional properties.

Although they can last up to a month during the winter, it is advisable not to let them spend a lot of time keeping them in the refrigerator (2).

One of the first uses is a juice during breakfast. Drinking a good orange juice at the start of the day can help facilitate digestion, soothe any stomach pains and help the digestive system work better, so as to take in greater quantities of nutrients during other meals.

It is also suggested eat an orange after a mealas it can aid digestion.

Finally, they are also particularly recommended as a snack during breaks from work. First, they prevent you from consuming any other fatty or salty foods that would be detrimental to your diet.

In addition to very low calorie intakewhich thus allows you to satisfy your desire for a break without weighing you down, orange can also help to calm your stress level.

The best oranges to use for a balanced diet

We are well aware that when you buy fruit and vegetables you can always run the risk that they have been treated with chemical agents that could reduce the effects and properties of the food purchased.

Precisely for this reason we suggest that you carefully evaluate where to buy your oranges and prefer, if you have the possibility, the local markets where you can find the products sold directly by the farmers who have grown them.

Alternatively, we would also like to suggest that you visit the website of the Arance della Salute company. Through the page that we have just recommended you can access the online store that takes care of delivering Sicilian citrus fruits throughout Italy directly from the grower to the end user. Here you will be able to consult the methods used for the cultivation of the oranges that are sold, discover many in-depth articles relating to the benefits of oranges for your health and possibly place an order for products grown totally without pesticides in the splendid territory of Sicily.

We also recommend that you do not use this text to outline the diagnosis or treatment of any conditions and pathologies of your body and that you entrust yourself to a competent doctor in the event that you need specific treatment.

Disclaimer: “These texts are not intended as indications for the diagnosis and treatment of pathological states, therefore it is always advisable to consult your doctor”



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