Overcoming the fear of being rejected

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Overcoming the fear of being rejected

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We all need to be considered, especially in love.

This feeling is one of the engines of existence.

But love takes many forms:

maternal and paternal love,
carnal love…

Alas, as it is logical, it is not always reciprocated and the fear of being rejected is often felt when trying to establish a relationship with someone, even in group dynamics the fear of being rejected can often arise.

This fear of being rejected takes on enormous proportions in some, a real phobia of being rejected.

How to overcome the fear of being rejected?

Why are we afraid of not being accepted and rejected by people?

The person who suffers from this fear of dislike often suffers from low self-esteem.

He can therefore use subterfuge to please the other as much as possible, excluding his own personality, opinions and desires, but all this translates into a life lived in lies with oneself. As if we were living someone else’s life!!!

Often those who are not themselves have experienced such a situation of rejection in their past.

A disagreement with his parents, a broken friendship, or a love breakup are all possible triggers for fear, if these events have been experienced in a particularly intense way.

They have generated such strong emotions that an emotional block has formed in their subconscious.

In front of the people she cares about, emotions return, as intense as the first day.

The fear of not being accepted and rejected resurfaces.

However, it is possible to put an end to this fear of rejection.

Begin to identify the testimonies of love that are daily and mutual.

Just take the time to identify them.

It’s often the little things that make up the most beautiful proof of love.

But testimonials of love, whether they are small attentions or passionate declarations, are generally not enough to allay the fear of being rejected for a long time.

Working on yourself to improve your self-esteem is helpful in the process of healing this fear.

Focusing on your strengths and successes can only be good.

But to completely free yourself from your fear of not being accepted, you need to free yourself from emotional blocks.

They are the ones who reactivate fear in every relationship or social relationship.

To do this, the reptilian brain must be detoxified.

For example you could work on these points:

– Focus on your weaknesses to transform into behavioral changes.

– Leveraging on selfishness, understood on the Enlightenment conception that you are the most important person for yourself and everything must start first of all from your well-being. Think of the rescue instructions that the stewardess explains to you before flying: first you put on the oxygen mask and then, if anything, you help the others!

– Increase your verbal and non-verbal communication skills: smile, open your shoulders, use a more decisive tone of voice, be nicer and more reassuring. This point will not help you to conquer others but to change your inner biochemistry.

-Concentrate on the beginning and end of a speech, a behavior, a dialogue, make your presence unique and incomparable.

-Exploit the weapon of emotions using Images and visual metaphors. If you have goals written on a billboard and the associated images for your unconscious it will be easier to work towards achieving them.

-Use diaphragmatic breathing to purify the reptilian brain by detoxifying it from blocked emotions.

Simply natural, this program is accessible to all and can be followed by anyone.

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