What’s your challenge?

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What's your challenge?

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We all have something that is difficult for us. But we react in different ways: there are those who shun it and try to avoid it in every possible way, there are those who throw themselves headlong right there, there are those who cautiously go to study what they can do, there are those who wait something forces him to deal with this difficulty, there are those who patiently work on themselves to overcome it.

We are talking about the challenges. All what who is difficult for us it is a challenge for us.

It is interesting to note that the meaning of the word challenge is “invite the opponent to battle”, and that it is the expression that does not allow for a reply or a doubt. But also that it is about faith in one’s own virtue. And lo sfidàto means “who does not trust”, therefore discouraged.

I confess that I had never connected challenge with trust. But now that I think about it, the concepts are actually closely related.

When those situations happen to us in which life confronts us with “impossible” situations, it is truly a battle that we are called to fight without being able to reply. From the series “either you do it, or you do it”.

And, if we think about it, this always happens when we don’t believe we can do something: we don’t trust ourselves, in our ability, in our virtue. So, it is our self-distrust that creates the challenge.

Basically, life is giving us the opportunity to free ourselves from self-distrust through the challenges we face, taking care to make them as inevitable as possible. If there were no distrust, there would be no need for challenge.

How we feel when we face challenges and maybe we can overcome them (sometimes even brilliantly)?
I personally feel renewed and strengthened. And this regardless of how the “battle” went, and despite any “scars” and “bruises”: it is precisely the effect of having faced it. If I can also overcome it, and be excellent too, that’s the icing on the cake! Self-esteem rises in altitude. Trust too, in all its nuances. Facing challenges is pure empowerment.

How do we feel, however, when we run away from a challenge?

I believe that we all have memories of some similar episode, and even if we managed to “sneak away” and pass unscathed or even with some more or less big advantage, in the long run we begin to feel a certain “bitter taste” or unease, which it can lead to existential restlessness. As if something in us has snapped or frayed, and our inner structure is weakened: we have confirmed our distrust of ourselves, we have not trusted that we have the necessary skills and virtues, nor have we done anything to develop them. What about self-esteem? Falling, more or less free.

That, of the challenges to face, is never a simple or easy question.

This is precisely why it is of great importance. All the more important, how small and trivial our challenges seem embedded in the midst of everyday life. Discerning what exactly our challenge is is not always easy, and that too is part of growing up.

Everyone has their own, very personalized. Our challenges are the tasks in the school of life and, depending on how we handle them, we are “promoted” to the next stage of evolution, or “deferred”. Until we develop the virtue life demands of us and build trust. This is also a workout. The quality of life is at stake.

That would be wise ask yourself some questions:

What is your current challenge?

Can you recognize it and recognize how you handle it?

Do you have trends that you notice as habitual? Avoid them, throw yourself into them, give up when the going gets tough or persevere until the end of the “battle”?

Do you think that your trend, if you have identified it, is okay and you’re okay with it continuing like this, or would you like to change something?

What would you change in your way of facing challenges?

Would you knowingly challenge something?

If you have thoughts and experiences to share with us in the comments, maybe they could be useful to someone! I dare you to do it!