15 Simple Good Habits that Could  Change Your Life

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According to Duke University research, 45% of your behaviour can be attributed to your habits. You repeat most of your habits every day. 
There are two types of habits that can reflect an individual’s attitude or behaviour: positive and negative. 
People get so busy with their extra-stretched schedules that they develop bad habits rather than good ones. 
People turn to smoking, drinking, caffeine, and marijuana to cope with anxiety and stress. Many people drown in work and forget to cultivate positive habits. You don’t need to do a lot to create positive habits. I’ve compiled some small, but effective good habits that can transform your life. Let’s get to it.
1. At least 50 words per day

It’s all I can do. But 50 words can be combined to make only 2-3 lines. Make it a habit to write whatever you like in a notebook, a diary, or dairy. It doesn’t matter what you feel or think, just write it down on paper. It should be original and authentic. If you wish, you could also write longer than 50 words.

2. At least 2 pages per day

This is the minimum you can do for yourself. You can read any book you like, whether it’s a novel, a self-improvement book, or a magazine. Whatever you choose, you will find something that you enjoy. You can make it a daily habit to read every book you like. You can read as much or as little as you like.

3. Every day, compliment one person

It can be very helpful to compliment someone throughout your day. It is a mutually beneficial relationship where both parties benefit. It’s a way to feel happy and content when you compliment one person.

4. Everyday, show appreciation to your family, friends, and relatives

Recognizing your loved ones can help create a positive atmosphere and positive attitude. This not only makes them happy, but it also builds a strong relationship.

5. At least two positive thoughts per day

Remember to do the minimum! You could do it all in a single day. At least two positive thoughts per day can help you replace the negative thoughts.

6. Daily meditation for at least 2 minutes

Meditation can be done for between 20 and 40 minutes. Meditation is not a waste of time. Even a minute can make a big difference in your life. Make it a habit to sit down for 2 minutes every day, morning, evening, or night. Meditation can be done at any time and from anywhere.

7. Three things are worth expressing gratitude to God

We could be complaining about all the bad things in our lives every day to God, but we should also thank God for the blessings He has given us. Recognize what you have: success, wealth, family, friends, whatever.

8. Every day, do one stretch and push up

This is exercise. Don’t be a workaholic if you don’t want to spend your entire time at work. You should make time for exercise, whether it’s a push-up, push-up or rope jumping. It doesn’t matter if you only stretch for 2-3 minutes. Make it a habit, and you’ll be able to do more.

9. Every day, take 100 steps outside

Walking is essential for the health of our bodies. Walking is a great habit. Walking can keep you active and fit. It also updates your metabolism, which could increase your life expectancy. Walk every day.

10. Everyday, learn something new

It doesn’t matter what you learn, whether it is social, political or technical, or about your health. It is important to acquire new knowledge. Learn from what you read. Even if you stumble across a magazine that contains sex tips, improving sperm quality, or any other information in a waiting room, don’t hesitate to grab it. It’s all about knowledge. Grab it wherever and whenever you can.

11. Show kindness

Yes, you can do the act of kindness for everyone. You can help an elderly person cross the street, or a pregnant lady to carry a parcel or luggage in a park. You can help anyone you see, and show kindness and politeness to them. You’ll feel great inside and be proud of your accomplishments.

12. Listen well

Listen to people more. Listen to what they have to say. Listen to them even if they disagree with you. This is a way to make people happy and relieve stress. You should try to understand why they speak about these things.

13. For 10-15 minutes, sit quietly throughout the day.

Meditation is not what I am referring to here. Spend quality time with yourself. Spend at least 10 minutes a day in silence and engage in self-talk. Ask yourself what makes you mad, stressed, how do you feel and why. Find out what is going on in your head.

14. Smile at one person

You never know what other people are going through in life. You might be dealing with more stress, anxiety, and worries than you are. If you smile at one person, you can make their day better and make them feel happier. They might not like your smile. Try to smile simple and short.

15. Have fun every day

My favorite thing is to laugh. I love to laugh. Give yourself at least five minutes of laughter every day if you are feeling stressed, anxious, worried, sad, nervous, or under any other type of stress. You don’t have to be able to laugh if you feel it’s hard. Just find some funny videos or jokes that make you smile, or just hang out with friends.

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