How to live more lightly

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Life puts us all to the test. It is punctuated by moments of tension, by problems that give us a hard time, by sometimes really difficult choices, by temptations to resist.

All of this requires a lot of energy, sometimes we feel cornered with time that never seems to be enough, stress accumulates and it is very common to feel heaviness.

How utopian it seems to us to reach the state of lightness and how much we sometimes envy those we see living it!

But how do they achieve lightness in the midst of this chaos? This is the question that, openly or secretly, many are asking.

We see some strategy that can help us live life more lightly:

1. Learn to accept things as they are – acceptance is one of the fundamental things, but it is as simple, as difficult. It is the secret of inner peace;

2. Do our best but free ourselves from expectations and demands – what we can have control over is the effort we put in, but we cannot control all circumstances or the reactions and choices of other people. Giving up control (which, after all, is actually an illusion) is a great achievement. To the same extent, we must not comply with the expectations of others;

3. Free us from guilt – we have the duty to take responsibility for our choices and for the commitment we make to do our best, but not to take the blame for what we cannot influence. Nor do we have the right to instill guilt in others: it is a manipulative way of behaving. Guilt lowers your vibrations considerably;

4. Free ourselves from the role of victim – feeling like a victim of something or someone is a state of extreme helplessness, and therefore of heaviness. If, on the other hand, we accept the responsibility that our choices have progressively led us to the situation we are in, we also regain the power to make other types of choices that can progressively lead us in the other, better direction. There is always something we can do, even in the most difficult situation, and that something starts from becoming aware of our share of responsibility. Starting again to take the power of our choices (paying the relative price), gradually makes us savor the lightness of making them;

5. Forgive others and ourselves – this is one of the cornerstones of lightness… let’s think about how much heaviness the long dragged grudge brings and how much weight we shake off when we finally manage to forgive. I’m not saying it’s easy, but the effort is worth it;

6. Honor your inner child – our most authentic and healthy part is always present in us, despite our attempts to cancel it in the name of “becoming an adult and serious”. Becoming an adult doesn’t mean canceling the playful, imaginative and creative part in us, but integrating our behavior with a progressive taking of responsibility over ever wider areas of our lives, to increase our field of action…including the ways of giving to our child part the way to realize one’s desires and needs;

7. Remember that lightness is not superficiality and that heaviness is not a value – lightness is an ability to sublimate life’s difficulties and the efforts necessary to overcome them, and heaviness is not the best way to face life’s difficulties, indeed perhaps it is one of the worst. The process of unburdening is pure empowerment;

8. Stop judging and free yourself from the fear of judgment – the order is not random: yes, we have to stop first. Seeing is believing!

And you, do you have any of your secrets for living more lightly? Share it in the comments!