The obstacle is our road to success

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The obstacle is our road to success

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An important part of our quality of life is directly proportional to the ability to manage uncertainty.

It is not the best travel companion, nor the most appetizing, but from time to time and on many more occasions than we would like it reappears at our side, it accompanies us even if we don’t like it.

Like the feeling of unease that often accompanies us, insecurity becomes that heavy ballast that slows us down and prevents us from moving forward freely.

It’s something that causes worries, anxieties and fears, steals our energy, hope and even the present, based on threatening predictions about the future.

The curious thing is that the more security and certainty we need, the more this lack will stay with us and the more we will suffer, because the obsession with security and control causes exactly the opposite effect, indeed it increases insecurity in the present.

The obstacle is our path to success

Here are 2 fundamental keys to overcome the obstacle:

1. We cannot live by running away from life

But if there’s something you’ve learned over the years, it’s that you can’t live by running away from life, because running away narrows the heart, reduces courage and the ability to react, weakens the emotional muscles; our willpower cracks, our anemic identity suffers and what we need is a good dose of courage, yet there are no pills for courage and determination.

What makes us doubt, what we fear, that obstacle that we don’t want to see and that we try to avoid, that is exactly the path we must follow, because the obstacle is our path to success.

That “problem” that fills us with tension, that is, the challenge that life poses to us to be able to overcome ourselves.

Hidden in this obstacle is the door to our freedom, the one that frees us from the weight of doubt and worry, it is the door of courage and determination to face our destiny.

To flee is to die while living, because each of us knows when we hide or wait for the storm to pass, waiting for something to happen, but the only thing that passes is time, which is the raw material with which life is built and if we lose that precious time, life escapes us waiting to live.

Even though we know when we are brave and face our demons, when we step forward despite our fears, when we dare and are true to our destiny.

2. When we are unwilling to fail we cannot succeed

If you are not willing to make mistakes, you will never be able to progress. The previous step to mastery is ignorance, being willing to admit it, to recognize that we don’t know enough, that we will make mistakes, that we need to learn and improve.

I am not, nor will I ever be an expert in anything, I will always be an eternal student. An expert is someone who claims to already know it and it’s hard to learn from there.

So do it wrong if you have to, but do it.

Start, jump, make mistakes, fall, but fall forward, you will improve. There is no other way, there are no guarantees, there is no certainty that our brain wants to believe exists and sometimes desperately seeks.

It’s not about not having fears or doubts, which there will be, but about finding such a great reason, a powerful reason that gives us courage and determination. A dream, a purpose that fills you with energy, and a commitment to yourself that is greater than all fears.

There is a lot written and it is known that life’s great regrets are not for what we have done, but for what we have not done.

One of the greatest regrets at the end of a life is wasted time, wasted energy, and needless suffering from excessive worry about the future.

Yes, but if I’m wrong…?

What is the consequence of the error? Experience and learning. And you keep moving forward, you keep falling, you keep learning, you keep getting closer to your goal, you keep getting stronger in every way.

The truth is that if you stay where you are, if you don’t make decisions, if you stop, you don’t stay where you are because the world keeps going on; if you stay where you are, you step back and fall.

Then you will wonder what happened. The answer is simple: you stopped walking, you stopped learning, you stopped daring, you stopped living.

Decide that the obstacle is your path to success, move towards what you fear, because then the transformation will begin, the one in which you grow and flourish from within, it is when you feel you dare, to be faithful to your destiny, when you feel that the trajectory is ascending, of progress, that you are heading towards what you can become.

That’s when life makes the most sense, that’s when we take personal responsibility for our lives.

We feel how we live, we feel how we behave. The question is: how do we behave? Do we behave with determination, as victims or do we do it with courage and courage in the face of life?

The answer does not depend on others, it does not depend on the world, on the answer and this responsibility falls on each of us.