Travel to improve your life

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Travel to improve your life

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Traveling enriches us, gives us a different perspective, expands our references, makes us more flexible and tolerant, pushes us to try new flavors, live new experiences, awakens our curiosity…

The way we travel defines us: traveling by train or plane; light luggage or with the house on your shoulders; with everything planned out or leaving room for improvisation; visit the most popular places or mingle with the locals; discover the gastronomy of the area or prefer the food of the hotels; enjoy the organized excursions or get lost in the streets looking for corners that surprise us…

There are trips tailored for all types of travelers and travelers for all types of travel. It all boils down to the experience that everyone has meets their expectations, so it’s going to be a great trip.

Travel sustainably

When we travel aware of the impact we have on the place we visit, our journey makes more sense.

The purchases we make, the places we visit, the activities we undertake, the waste we produce, the food we eat… every single decision we make has an impact in one way or another on the life of the local community that welcomes us.

Tourism has a transformative impact on societies and economies, therefore a commitment to sustainable tourism leads to an improvement in the conditions of the destination and the lives of its inhabitants.

Here are 4 benefits we receive when we travel.

Economic benefits

It has minimal environmental impact, as optimal use is made of environmental resources, respecting essential ecological processes and helping to conserve natural resources and biological diversity.

The sociocultural authenticity of local communities is respected, preserving their cultural and architectural heritage, as well as their traditional values, and contributing to intercultural understanding and tolerance.

Integrate local communities into tourism activities.

Generate local employment, both directly and indirectly. Specifically, for every direct work generated, three indirect ones are produced.

Stimulates the development of tourism businesses (travel, transport, accommodation, food, recreational and complementary agencies), as well as businesses dedicated to supply activities (breeding, agriculture, communications…)

Generate foreign currency for the state and provide capital to the local economy.

The economic benefit is intended for local conservation or development, distributed among all local agents, thus contributing to poverty reduction.

Cultural benefits

You cannot receive cultural enrichment if you don’t compare yourself with the other, you don’t compare yourself with the different from us, you don’t compare yourself with other horizons and people. And here, from the experience of a trip, one receives an anthropological cultural enrichment, understood as a set of different knowledge, values, languages, customs and traditions.

Social benefits

For tourists, sharing travel experiences responds to our relational needs: by discovering closeness, similarity and trust in one another, we will open up to more authentic and stronger ties, developing security and feelings of well-being. Traveling brings us closer.

Many people from a shared journey have then established the foundations of a strong and lasting friendship or even a great love!

Personal growth benefits

When we travel there are a thousand metaphors of personal growth to take on the fly.

Personal organization develops, you have to know everything you need to “survive” in a place you don’t know, you get out of your comfort zone as you no longer have your own certainties and therefore you have to broaden your horizons and be flexible and tolerant of the people around you and the places around you.

You train for resilience, as you will undoubtedly encounter a situation with an “obstacle to overcome” and therefore you will have to roll up your sleeves and somehow get out of it…

Increase your self-esteem, when you’re focused on new stimuli, you don’t have time to think about your past or future worries, so you’re automatically in the here and now, in the present.

Then you build goals to achieve during your stay, you go beyond the obstacles, you train yourself to do the difficult things, you develop tolerance and patience more, you will automatically understand that complaining will not help you to improve your condition and you will discover that have resources you didn’t know you had.